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Takahuri Retreats

Relax    Connect    Reset

Takahuri Retreats invites you to a quiet place along the Whanganui River

A place away from noise. Relax into the space. Connect with what you have been missing. Reset your mind and body in nature.



Spending time in Nature is a great way to slow down and catch your breath.  You can be involved in the activities on offer or find a spot by the river or under a tree no pressure.


We offer a range of activities through out your time with us that we believe will gently allow your self to connect with the environment and yourself


Taking time for yourself will give an opportunity to make a review and adjustment to reset everyday life. 

Retreat Options


Takahuri means to change or turn and is the name of the land. As the Whanganui River flows past the property it changing direction several times. This section of the river is not well known nor well travelled so a place to relax and enjoy.


Zero Waste



Fair Trade

Our invitation is to slowdown, and participate in gentle and active movement practices, learn traditional Māori weaving, an invitation to explore areas of your life with intention. Learn about plants and creating balms and teas.

If you have a group of friends or work mates that are looking for a focused time away, we can customise an offering that better suits you needs. Be it an active high energy retreat or a more creative time we can work with you to craft the right solution.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Food will primarily be seasonal and plant based.


Wear clothes that are suited to a little light exercise, Bring comfortable walking shoes and gumboots if you have them 

Takahuri Retreats seeks to uphold the spirit of the river, the land and the people.

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